Bromyard Timber & Fencing Ltd.

Sawn Timber.....


Sawn Timber Stock Sizes:


Timber in 3.6m Lengths:

22mm Thick Timber                  47mm Thick Timber

3.6m Tile batton                          3.6m 50mmx47mm              

3.6m 75mmx22mm                      3.6m 75mmx47mm

3.6m 100mmx22mm                    3.6m 100mmx47mm

3.6m 150mmx22mm                    3.6m 150mmx47mm

3.6m 200mmx22mm                    3.6m 200mmx47mm

3.6m 250mmx22mm

  Timber in 4.8m Lengths:

22mm Thick Timber               47mm Thick Timber

4.8m 150mmx22mm          4.8m 75mmx47mm

                                                 4.8m 100mmx47mm                                                   4.8m 150mmx47mm

Bulk sizes:                              4.8m 200mmx47mm

15' 175x75    4.8m 200x100

4.8m 225x75


Post sizes:

1.5m - 3.0m 75mmx75mm

1.8m 125mmx75mm

1.8m - 3.6m 100mmx100mm

2.4m & 3.6m 100mmx75mm

Gate Posts:

2.1m 125mmx125mm            2.4m 175mmx175mm

2.4m 150mmx150mm            2.4m 200mmx200mm

Please contact us for more sawn timber product availabilty, we also carry a wide range of Feather Edge in stock as well as pales, post & rail fencing, new sleepers and notched posts!